Cookies policy

Our cookies policy explains what Cookies are, how are we using Cookies, what are your choices regarding Cookies and how you can find additional information about Cookies.

What are the Cookies?
Cookies are information from the website you visited, that’s stored on your computer. Cookies are usually storing your settings, website settings (preffered language or adress). Later on, when you open same website again, your browser is sending corresponding website Cookies back, which allows web site to show information suited to your needs.

Cookies can store a wide variety of information including personal information(your name or email adress). Though, this information can only be stored if you allow it – websites can’t access information you haven’t allowed, and can’t access other files on your computer. Activities regarding sending and receiving of Cookies are not visible. Though, you can change your browser settings and choose will you allow or deny requests for storing Cookies, or will stored Cookies be deleted when you close your browser, etc…

What kind of Cookies we use, and why?
Temporary Cookies or session Cookies are removed from your computer when you close your web browser. We are using them to allow access to content on the website.
Permanent or stored Cookies are stored on your computer after you close your browser.
Permanent Cookies will be stored on your computer for days,months or even years.
We are using permanent Cookies to better understand our user’s habits, so we can improve our web site accordingly. This information is confindental and anonymous – we can’t see any user’s individual data and infomation.

What are your choices regarding Cookies?
By disabling Cookies you’re deciding that you aren’t allowing storing Cookies on your computer. Cookies settings can be controlled and configured in your web browser settings.
Keep in mind, by blocking Cookies you can still visit this website, but some of it’s options may not be available to you.

Updates on our Cookies policy
Every future change or update on our Cookies policy will be visible on this page.
Please check this page from time to time to stay informed on our Cookies policy.
Our Cookies policy was updated on 25.10.2019. And is replacing any previous Cookies policy before that date.

All inquiries, questions and demands regarding this Cookies policy are welcomed, and you can send them on email: